I sometimes worry that serious music can only be served by serious talk, or worse, that people who like serious music can only have serious reasons for doing so. The truth is that you will probably meet just as many shallow people at a National show as you will at a Miley Cyrus show, the difference being that people at the National show are more likely to think they’re important, while people at a Miley Cyrus show are more likely to think they’re having fun.
Mike Powell talks about what we mean when we talk about pop music with his Pitch piece "It’s Not What You Like But How You Like It". (via pitchfork)

Non Nude


For all of you Future fans out there, his new album, Honest, has just been released and it is now streaming. So…listen to it early.

Thank me later.


I am pretty sure you already know this (or not), but The Black Keys have just released another song, entitled “Turn Blue”.  The band has already released the song “Fever" and both of these songs will be featured on the upcoming album Turn Blue.

Rock out.


This is a photo from September 29, 1998 in Harlem including:

Big L, Rakim, Slick Rick, Black Moon, Channel Live, Naughty By Nature, Flipmode, Kid Capri, Nice & Smooth, Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Poor Righteous Teachers, Onxy, Canibus, De La Soul, COC, The Roots, Ultramagnetic MCs.

to name a few, there’s about 100 of them, all on 3 stoups in the projects. Its from XXL 98 issue I’ve been looking for a while now and i have to share it because nobody’s talking about it anywhere.


For all of my Arcade Fire fans out there, check out their expansive 90-minute set at Coachella. 

Pretty damn good.